• Kulite’s Small-Format Pressure Transducers Impress at SciTech

    Feb, 2024

    Steve Carter and Scott Goodman attended the January AIAA SciTech Forum in Orlando. The AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition program covers the science, technologies, and policies that are shaping the future of aerospace. This is the seventh year Kulite has attended this symposium which continues to draw the largest concentration of ground test and flight test researchers of any US – based event. There were over 6,000 attendees with over 3,000 technical presentations covering over sixty research areas.
    After 3 busy days of speaking with customers and students, a key takeaway was learning about the increasing research and testing needed in the future. Different Kulite transducer and scanner specification sheets were provided for countless applications for measurement and testing. Researchers were impressed with Kulite’s small-format, pressure transducers when they learned of their minimum resolution, signal-to-noise, and noise floor supported even when measuring higher frequencies. They were also impressed with the flexibility of the KMPS pressure scanners which support multiple pressure ranges and pressure modes within the same scanner body.
    Discussions with clients and engineers about flight test programs were very productive and Kulite is excited about the opportunity to be a part of these future projects.

  • High Level of Confidence in Kulite at Space Tech Expo – Europe

    Jan, 2024

    Alex Winterburn, Stephane Beaufront and Jean-Christophe Natton were busy with clients, suppliers and students at the Kulite stand at Space Tech Expo Europe, in Bremen, Germany. The show is Europe’s largest B2B event for the space industry where you can see a variety of space technology that is used in manufacturing processes. It is a leading showcase for space manufacturing and testing services, components and systems engineering for spacecraft, launcher, and satellite programs.

    Kulite’s sensing technologies are a perfect fit for endless space exploration, launch vehicle and satellite applications, all with demanding requirements. With Kulite involved with many space programs around the world, the consensus from visitors at the booth was a very high level of confidence. One productive meeting included a client that develops and supplies innovative and competitive solutions for civil and military space launchers, with expertise in all aspects of state-of-the-art propulsion technologies. Since 2008 a total of 140 Kulite transducers have flown with their ATVs and just recently 24 were incorporated into their spacecraft for a moon orbit mission, with more launches to come! Their overall satisfaction has been great because of many factors including: Kulite’s small-format, lightweight products; Kulite’s outstanding customer service; reasonable price point; and the ability to modify parts for their custom needs.

    The future of space exploration is bright and Kulite is poised to deliver as we continue to development, innovate and refine technologies to meet new challenges. To request more information on how to incorporate Kulite transducers into your program, please visit the “Get Info” section of our website or visit the contact page for a representative near you.

  • Annual Trip to the Automotive Testing Expo a Success!

    Dec, 2023

    Josh Lincoln and Steve Carter attended the Automotive Testing Expo 2023 in October in Novi, MI. With over 280 exhibitors, it is America’s leading exhibit of the technologies required for ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, electric and hybrid powertrain testing, battery and range testing, EMI and NVH test and analysis and the full spectrum of test and validation technologies for full-vehicle, component and systems development.

    Previously for Kulite, transmission and brake system transducers were the most often requested product category by booth visitors, with one client claiming to have 30,000 XTL-2DC-123 series transducers in their inventory! Now, requests are more evenly distributed among additional categories including cooling systems, oil systems, fuel systems, aerodynamics, airbag testing, and acoustics. There was also a request to obtain several ETL-634B-312M and/or ETL-640RB-312M transducers to support race operations using the Cadillac drivetrain.

    Also discussed at the Kulite booth was the upcoming GMDF-280 accelerometer calibration requirements using the KSC-2-C3 Signal Conditioner whose Rezcomp capabilities improve shock acceleration bandwidth. Overall, we were very impressed for the immediate need for Kulite pressure sensing technology at the show and are thrilled to be a major supplier to the automotive industry.

  • Kulite Sensing Technology Showcased at the Turbo & Pump Symposium

    Nov, 2023

    Steve Carter and Bud Coleman were on hand at Kulite’s booth at the 52nd Turbomachinery and 39th International Pump User’s Symposium in September in Houston, TX. This is the sixth year Kulite has exhibited at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium. This is an event that offers a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide. Surpassing 49 years, TPS is known for its impact on turbomachinery, pump, oil & gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical and water industries through its technical program and exhibition.
    With a steady stream of customers visiting the booth, Steve and Bud presented technical capabilities of Kulite pressure sensing technology and were able to answer installation and electrical interfacing technical questions regarding miniature 200 bar transducers for oil pressure measurement. Other client discussions included the needs for various applications including but not limited to: robotic paint sprayers used in the automotive industry; the need for transducers used for control of gas turbine fuel controllers; pressure switches used in the power generation industry; and small transducers for refrigerant pressure measurements to 50 PSIA in compressors.
    Kulite was glad to be at TPS and looks to increase its presence in the industrial pump and compressor market.

  • Kulite Exhibits at Small Satellite Conference in Utah

    Sep, 2023

    By Steve Carter

    Steve Carter and Scott Goodman attended the 37th Small Satellite Conference at Utah State University in Logan, UT in August. There, attendees explored future missions and delved into key technological drivers, operational constructs, and activities that inform and secure the success of small satellite missions. At the Kulite booth, customers were focused on SmallSat propulsion systems and reported increasing demand for their products/test services. Happily, everyone was highly satisfied with the performance provided by our Kulite products.

    Exponential increases in satellite launches are driving demand. Over 2,300 small satellites were launched in 2022 which is half the number launched during the previous 9 years. Small satellites started as university-sponsored science experiments. Communications satellites accounted for 80% of the launches in 2022 with the remainder split between remote sensing and technology development. Science experiments now only account for about 1% of launches.

    Most small satellites use a storage tank for the propellant. A pressure transducer monitors the propellant level in the fuel storage tank so the satellite may successfully de-orbit at the end of its operational life. There is also a second, lower pressure transducer to monitor the regulated propulsion system supply. Kulite currently supports all common propellant types except for Indium (shipped in solid form and melted in orbit) and iodine (very corrosive, formerly championed by NASA). The more common fuels used for smallsat propulsors include nitrogen, krypton, xenon, steam, NTO, methane, hydrazine, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

    The internal smallsat temperatures are normally close to room temperature ambient which allows for the use of oil-filled products that support helium leak check operations. Most of the visitors to the Kulite Booth were interested in pressure transducers for these applications. Parts most often discussed with customers in rank order were the HKM-312/375, HKM-17-500, HEM-312, and XTL-123G-190 (for small monopropellant thrusters vented to vacuum conditions). The threaded port was suitable for most customers, but a weldable tube stub was preferred by some of the monopropellant thruster design teams.

    SmallSat was a highly successful show where we met with dozens of small satellite and launch vehicle customers. For more information on Kulite pressure transducers, please fill out an Information Request Form by clicking the “Get Info” link on our website menu or visit the Contact Page for a representative near you.