Pressure Sensors

High Proof Pressure

5 to 200 times overload pressure (range dependent) without affecting transducer performance. This includes overload pressures in “Both Directions” for differential pressure sensors.

Pressure Ranges

Ranges from 1 PSI Full Scale, to 60,000 PSI Full Scale. (Absolute, Gage, Sealed Gage, Differential)

Temperature Extremes

Very High 932ºF (500ºC) Continuous operation. 

Very Low Cryogenic -320ºF (-196ºC) Continuous operation

Simultaneous Static and Dynamic Pressure Measurements

Ability to measure steady state pressure, and dynamic pressure with the same sensor.

Bridge Resistance

1,000 ohms typical. Custom requests from 350 ohms, through 15,000 ohms, is possible.

High Vibration

100g Peak, Sine 10 to 5,000 Hz

Shunt Calibration

Special option available upon request.

Completed Pressure Transducers

Transducer Outputs


100mV typical Full Scale (others from 30mV to 300mV).


Standard options: 0-5 VDC, 0.5-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA

(Other outputs available upon request).

Special Amplified:

Potentiometer Replacement, LVDT or Variable Reluctance Replacement.

Sensor Physical Shape/Configuration

Almost any configuration your application requires, including pressure connections and electrical connections.

Submersible Transducers/Transmitters to depths of 1100 ft. of water.

Pressure Switches

Single or multiple switched outputs all in one unit. Used where high vibration, hostile environments and where accurate set point settings are required.

Dual and Triple redundant sensor designs for extreme reliability applications

Gage pressure measurements within a Hermetically Sealed transducer