Key Developments

Spearheading Research and Development

Kulite's ongoing extensive investments in research and development has led to the pioneering of new sensing technologies and improvement of existing products. Some of our key developments include:

  • High temp Leadless sensors with 932°F continuous operation and higher temperatures in development
  • Cooled transducers for 1,000-2,000°F operations
  • High temp electronics for (482°F)
  • Compressor and Combustion Instabilities
  • Both Dynamic and Static Pressure Capabilities in a Single Unit
  • G-Insensitive Pressure Transducers
  • High Temperature Flat packs used for Flight Test
  • Digitally Corrected Transducers
  • Potentiometric Replacement with Solid State Technology
  • Combined Pressure/Temperature Transducers
  • World's Smallest Pressure Transducers