Mission Statement


To provide highly customized innovative measurement solutions to be used in challenging environments, enabling our customers to produce systems which meet the needs of their market segments and thereby providing the best overall value to our customers.


To be a family-owned industry leader in measurement technologies, developing and manufacturing enabling technology in support of our global customers.


  • Innovation: We are dedicated to the continuous development of our core technologies and supporting fundamental research in these areas.
  • Customer Focused:  We are customer focused, and will manufacture products specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs as well as delivering world class service and support.  
  • Employee Development:  We recognize that Kulite’s employees remain our most important resource and are dedicated to their development and actively support related educational opportunities.
  • Reliability: We work diligently to ensure that our products are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standard and remain reliable for their intended use.
  • Diversity:  We are a diverse community of individuals who fully embrace the benefits of our varied backgrounds.