Product Brochures

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  • kulite products maks series brochure

    Automotive and General Purpose Miniature Pressure Sensor with High Temperature Electronics

    Kulite's all new MAKS series of high performance sensors are designed specifically for the performance racing industry, yet they are adaptable for a wide variety of test applications. The sensors are available in extremly small packages and feature various internal design advantages over competitor products. Available with embeded RTD and redundant pressure output – maximum performance in minimal packaging.

  • kulite products signal conditioner brochure

    High Performance Signal Conditioner For Kulite Sensor Products

    The KSC-2 is a compact, rugged dual-channel precision amplifier/filter optimized for conditioning Kulite pressure sensors and microphones. It offers fully programmable bi-polar excitation, 6-pole programmable low-pass filtering and precision amplification compatible with any high-speed analog-to-digital converter. The KSC-2 also features an optional REZCOMP™ resonance compensation allowing users to extend the bandwidth of a standard transducer limited by installation, physical construction or physical response of the pressure chip by 2.5 times or more.

    The KSC-2 was designed for low channel count installations. Kulite recommends Precision Filters line of signal conditioners for higher channel counts. The 28000 series conditioner has optional REZCOMP™ compensation available and is designed to work with all Kulite transducers.

  • kulite products wind tunnel and flight test brochure

    Wind Tunnel and Flight Test Pressure Transducers

    These transducers are ideal for the flight test environment. The core technology is a patented piezoresistive silicon-on-insulator miniature sensing element. These transducers have found wide acceptance in aerospace applications, for wind tunnel, flight test and acoustic measurements with decades of use on many important flight test programs. Kulite has established the industry standard of excellence for dynamic pressure measurement. The extremely small size of these devices has made them uniquely suited to a large variety of test and production applications in industry and research and development.

  • kulite aircraft pressure transducers

    Aircraft Pressure Transducers

    These transducers are found in the Commercial, General Aviation, Military, Commuter/RJ and Rotorcraft Industries. The unique piezoresistive sensor coupled with the lightweight package concept is the ideal product choice for the aircraft engineer looking to reduce weight, increase reliability and fulfill the need for higher accuracy while meeting cost objectives. Typical applications include: Auxiliary Power Unit, Hydraulic Pressure Transducers High Pressure Sealed Gage and Absolute, Propulsion/Engine, Environmental Control System, Electronic Pressure Switches and Combination/Duplex. Custom engineered Special Products illustrating the versatility of the Kulite Product for Pressure – Load or Mass measurements in an aircraft environment are also featured.

  • kulite products automotive brochure

    Automotive Pressure Sensors

    These sensors can be found in the automotive test lab, at the proving grounds, on the racetrack and even the public highway. They are used to monitor aerodynamics, air bag systems, airspeed, brake pressure/antilock brake system testing, coolant pressure, dynamometer, engine oil pressure, exhaust system testing, fuel pressure, hydraulics system, in cylinder pressure measurement, intake manifold, oil pressure and temperature, steering system pressure and transmission testing. They have been adapted to measure forces and structural vibration.

  • kulite products gas turbine engine sensors brochure

    Gas Turbine Engine Sensors

    These sensors are supplied to the aircraft engine industry, providing sensor solutions for laboratory research, engine development testing, flight quality engine measurements and various Turbine Engine measurements for Commercial, Military and Power Generation applications. Typical applications include: Propulsion/Engine, Auxiliary Power Units, Power Generation Turbines, Turbine Test/Development, Combination/Multi-Function/Redundant and Technology/Research.

  • kulite marine pressure brochure

    Marine Pressure Transducers

    These transducers are ideal for shipboard, downhole, subsea and general military and commercial marine applications. The core technology is a patented piezoresistive silicon-on-insulator sensing element with decades of reliable use on mission critical systems on aerospace and naval programs. All welded construction provides a hermetic seal to eliminate the effects of moisture, salt, dust and other environmental contaminants. Construction is commonly 316 stainless steel, Inconel or Hastelloy for optimum corrosion resistance and long term reliability in a seawater environment.