• 2022 Kulite Interns

    Jul, 2022

    Kulite welcomed five 2022 summer interns to our Leonia, New Jersey campus. These students are from Fordham University, Rutgers University, and Binghamton University and their projects include technical development of apparatuses for various test and measurement applications with respect to pressure. They are being mentored by JP Hilton, Brendan Wilder, Martin Sanzari, Sr., and Maharshi Joshi.

  • New Special Projects & Development Group

    Jul, 2022

    Kulite has formed a new special projects and development group. This group will be headed by JP Hilton, Vice President of Product Development and Joe VanDeWeert who was promoted to Senior Technical Director of Digital Development.

    The new group will be responsible for pushing the state of the art in both pressure measurement technology (frequency response, temperature capability, and robustness) and also electronics/software development (higher accuracy, better thermal compensation, easier to produce and use). JP’s team will primarily focus on mechanical and material science development and Joe’s will focus on electronics and software. Both teams will work together to make sure Kulite has the tools needed to develop these new products and solve all of our customer’s measurement needs.

  • Joseph VanDeWeert to Senior Technical Director of Digital Development

    Jul, 2022

    Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Joe VanDeWeert to the position of Senior Technical Director of Digital Development where he will be taking on a leadership role with a newly formed team to drive forward projects related to state-of-the-art pressure measurement technologies and electronics/software development.

  • Kulite Attends AIDCAT Conference

    Jul, 2022

    Project Engineer, Amber Gerdes and Senior R&D Engineer, Brendan Wilder, represented Kulite at the first annual Advanced Instrumentation, Diagnostics, and Controls for Applications in Turbomachinery (AIDCAT) Conference. The conference brought together many of Kulite’s largest customers as well as our peer organizations in Aerospace Instrumentation. Kulite remains an industry leader in this sector, and we used this conference to launch our newest product – the KSIT-040-190 – which will enable our customers to make dynamic pressure measurements in extreme high-temperature locations.  VP of Product Development, JP Hilton also took part in the proceedings, representing Kulite on a panel of instrumentation manufacturers discussing new developments in Gas Turbine Instrumentation.

  • Kulite has over 400 Patents to date!

    Jan, 2022

    Over a period of 50 years, Dr. Anthony Kurtz and now our team of talented engineers and scientist have developed one breakthough after another in the technologies underlying pressure transducers which include over 400 patents. Click here for a list of the most recent patents.

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