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Miniature Pressure Transducer

The XTL-193-190 pressure transducer series incorporates the latest pressure sensing technology – Kulite's dielectrically isolated, silicon on silicon, patented leadless sensing element, which enables this device to be used in harsh environments. This device delivers a FSO of 100mV when excited with a 10VDC supply. The ultra miniature construction, provides a compact, robust package. This combined with the high temperature capability of +400°F, makes the XTL-193-190 ideally suitable for applications where space is limited.


  • Robust Construction
  • Patented Leadless Technology VIS®
  • Compatible With Most Automotive Fluids
  • Ultra Miniature Construction


  • Application
    • Automotive Test/Motorsport
    • Flight Test
    • General Test & Measurement
  • Temperature Range
    • -65°F to +275°F (-55°C to 135°C)
    • -65°F to +525°F (-55°C to 273°C)

    See data sheets for specific range.

  • Pressure Range
    • High Pressure (above 500 psi)
    • Low Pressure (0-500 psi)
  • Excitation
    • 10VDC
  • Transducer Style
    • Threaded
  • Operational Mode
    • Absolute
    • Sealed Gage
  • Output
    • Unamplified Millivolt Output
  • Media
    • All nonconductive, noncorrosive fluids