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High Temperature High Bandwidth Amplified Gas Turbine Pressure Transducer

The ETL-GTS Series are high temperature, extremely rugged pressure transducers which are ideal for the measurement of instabilities and steady pressures in gas turbine combustors and compressors. They use a patented acceleration insensitive leadless sensing element that is more than 1000 times less sensitive to vibration than other Kulite transducers. The front of the transducers can withstand temperatures of 932°F (500°C)* while the in-line amplifier can be placed in a cooler area. The amplifier is compatible with both existing and new data acquisition systems with a measurement bandwidth of up to 150KHz, specified by Option *.


  • Miniature, Robust Construction
  • Acceleration & Vibration Insensitive
  • Patented Leadless Technology VIS®
  • High Bandwidth Amplifier
  • Separate DC and AC Outputs
  • Dynamic and Static Capability
  • High Temperature


  • Application
    • Automotive Test/Motorsport
    • Flight Test
    • General Test & Measurement
    • High Performance
  • Temperature Range
    • -65°F to +275°F (-55°C to 135°C)
    • -65°F to +525°F (-55°C to 273°C)
    • Greater than +525°F (273°C)

    See data sheets for specific range.

  • Pressure Range
    • High Pressure (above 500 psi)
    • Low Pressure (0-500 psi)
  • Excitation
    • 12 +/-4VDC
    • 28 +/- 4VDC
    • 8 to 32VDC
  • Transducer Style
    • Threaded
  • Operational Mode
    • Absolute
    • Sealed Gage
  • Output
    • Amplified Voltage Output
  • Media
    • All nonconductive, noncorrosive fluids
  • Special Products
    • Dual Output, Static and Dynamic