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Extreme Temperature Remote Sensing Dynamic Waveguide Pressure Probe

The DWPP-040 is a dynamic only pressure probe that was designed to measure the low-amplitude dynamic pressures within the hot sections of gas turbines, such as combustion instabilities, compressor rotating stall and surge, as well as screech and rumble. It features a ruggedized diffusion bonded stainless steel construction with a built-in, replaceable high-temperature piezoresistive pressure transducer as well as a calibration and purge valve for static pressure recalibration of the sensor and removing debris and water from the internal channel. These features enable the DWPP-040 to overcome many of the historic drawbacks of standard Semi-Infinite Tubes and Waveguides used within the engine test environment.

When dynamic pressure measurements are needed within the hot sections of a gas turbine, the DWPP-040 mates with standard 0.0625in (1.6mm) OD x 0.040in (1mm) ID tubing exiting the engine at the point of measurement, eliminating costly engine casing modifications to accommodate custom transducer ports. Temperatures at the point of measurement in the engine can exceed 2000°C (3600°F ) with the recess tube allowing for natural convective cooling. The DWPP-040 features an internal waveguide to dampen dynamic pressures via viscous dissipation such that acoustic resonances do not contaminate the frequency response. When used with REZCOMP®, a flat frequency response from 5 Hz – 5 kHz +/- 2 dB is achieved.


  • Drop-In Semi-Infinite Tube Replacement
  • Mates With Standard 0.0625in. (1.6mm) OD, 0.04in (1mm) ID Tubing
  •  Ideal for Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Ultra-High-Temperature Locations
  • Optimized Flat Bandwidth When Used With REZCOMP®: 5 Hz – 5 kHz +/- 2dB