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ETM-DC-375(M) CO

5 VDC Output Digitally Corrected Pressure Transducer

ETM-DC-375(M) CO Series transducers are miniature, threaded instruments. The sensing sub-assembly is protected from mechanical damage by a solid screen which has been shown to have minimal influence on the frequency response of the sensor. Incorporation of a Kulite proprietary electronics module within the main body of this product allows for operation from an unregulated power supply ranging from 8 - 32 VDC with reverse polarity protection available upon request. The result is a stable, digitally corrected 0 to 5 VDC output signal.


  • 5 VDC Digitally Corrected Output
  • Hybrid Microelectronic Regulator-Amplifier • All Welded Construction
  • Silicon on Silicon Integrated Sensor VIS®
  • Secondary Containment On Absolute And Sealed Gage Units
  • Aerospace Quality Components
  • Analog Output
  • Intrinsically Safe Applications Available (i.e. IS-ETM-DC-375)