SAFRAN Aircraft Engines awards exclusive contract to Kulite to replace the mechanical fuel pressure switch with new advanced electronic fuel pressure switch on CFM56-7B

Leonia, N.J., Jan 3, 2017 – After two years of close cooperation with Safran Aircraft Engines (Safran AE), Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc., the world leading pressure sensor company located in Leonia, New Jersey, has successfully completed the development and certification of a new state-of-the-art solid state electronic pressure switch (FFCI) to be installed on CFM56-7B aircraft engines. The CFM56-7B engine powers the Boeing 737 Next Generation (600/700/800 and 900). Kulite introduced a high reliability solid-state electronic solution that is a major technological innovation over conventional mechanical switch sensor technologies. To allow the mounting of the FFCI, the only minor change in the engine is the replacement of mechanical fuel pressure switch harness with a new one, which is supplied by Safran AE. Starting October 2016, all new production Boeing 737NG engines delivered to the Operators are now manufactured with the Kulite solid state FFCI with the expected production rate of about 1,000 engines per year.