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XTEH-10L-190 (M)

Super High Temperature Pressure Transducer

The XTEH Series pressure transducers feature a very wide operating temperature range. These characteristics make these devices ideal for Turbine engine testing. Other equally demanding applications in the industry may also benefit from the ruggedness of these devices.


  • –65°F To 932°F Temperature Capability*
  • High Natural Frequency
  • Suitable For Turbine Engine Testing
  • Patented Leadless Technology VIS®


  • Application
    • Automotive Test/Motorsport
    • Blast Testing
    • Flight Test
    • General Test & Measurement
  • Temperature Range
    • -65°F to +275°F (-55°C to 135°C)
    • -65°F to +525°F (-55°C to 273°C)
    • Greater than +525°F (273°C)

    See data sheets for specific range.

  • Pressure Range
    • High Pressure (above 500 psi)
    • Low Pressure (0-500 psi)
  • Excitation
    • 10VDC
  • Transducer Style
    • Threaded
  • Operational Mode
    • Absolute
    • Sealed Gage
  • Output
    • Unamplified Millivolt Output
  • Media
    • All nonconductive, noncorrosive fluids