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Integrated Semi-Infinite Tube Measurement System

The Kulite Semi-Infinite Tube (KSIT) has been carefully designed to be an easily-installed pressure probe solution with predictable performance for use in ultra-high-temperature locations. With the ability to be installed with an absolute or differential piezoresistive pressure transducer the KSIT can be utilized in a variety of applications. Tubing extensions are easily interchangeable and replaceable by utilizing tube fitting hardware. By incorporating removable parts, the KSIT can be easily removed and cleaned of any debris or moisture between test campaigns, or fitted with a moisture release trap for long-term installations.

The KSIT package is completed by the customer with a shorter length of recess tubing to locate the KSIT unit safely away from the hot testing environment, and a longer “semi-infinite” tube used to dampen dynamic pressures via viscous dissipation such that acoustic resonances do not contaminate the frequency response. The end of the semi-infinite tube can either be capped for static and dynamic pressure readings, or looped back to the reference side of a differential sensor for purely dynamic high-resolution pressure readings.


  • Easily Installed SIT Solution
  •  Mates with 1/16” OD Tubing and XTL-190(S/L)(M) and XTEL-190(S/L)(M) catalog Kulite transducers
  • Ideal for Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Ultra-High-Temperature Locations
  • Useful Bandwidth: DC to 7 kHz