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Downhole Pressure Transducer

The IPT-4N-750HT Downhole Transducer utilizes Kulite's State of the Art, Silicon on Silicon Isolated Diaphragm sensing technology, to provide excellent long term stability and high accuracy at temperatures to 350°F. All wetted materials are Inconel for corrosive media. This transducer is equipped with internal circuitry to compensate for the inherent thermal sensitivity of the silicon sensor. With no further compensation, it will offer an overall accuracy improvement across the entire range of typical well environments.


  • Internally Compensated
  • Excellent Long Term Stability .1% Typical All Wetted Materials Inconel
  • Built In Temperature Sensor
  • Silicon on Silicon Integrated Sensor VIS®
  • High Unamplified Output
  • Intrinsically Safe Applications Available (i.e. IS-IPT-4N-750HT)


  • Application
    • General Test & Measurement
    • Industrial/Process
    • Resource Exploration
  • Temperature Range
    • -65°F to +275°F (-55°C to 135°C)
    • -65°F to +525°F (-55°C to 273°C)

    See data sheets for specific range.

  • Pressure Range
    • High Pressure (above 500 psi)
    • Low Pressure (0-500 psi)
  • Excitation
    • 10VDC
  • Transducer Style
    • Threaded
  • Operational Mode
    • Absolute
  • Output
    • Unamplified Millivolt Output
  • Media
    • All nonconductive, noncorrosive fluids
    • Fluids compatible with stainless steel
  • Special Products
    • Pressure/Temperature Sensor